Welcome to life with Sky Tram, the Highway in the Sky!



The breakthrough in transportation we need today

We can construct Sky Tram and benefit from space-age technology that costs less to build than our other options, doesn’t rely on fossil fuel, creates sustainable energy, and realizes a profit for its owners and business partners while creating jobs.




Solves current and future transportation problems

Sky Tram is a nationwide transportation system that can move people, cars and freight virtually anywhere at 100 – 250 m.p.h. along a Highway in the Sky.


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America has a proud legacy of innovative ability

We have the ability, now all we need is the commitment.

The Highway in the Sky a reality. Learn how you can help.


We can do it today with technology that already exists

Read more, get involved , and join the Sky Tram Revolution . It is time for a major change in how we travel and how we use our natural resources. It is time to create jobs, reduce our infrastructure expense, and improve our quality of life.

It is time to start building our future!


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